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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does implementation take?

Projects generally take between three to six months to complete. We can execute faster, depending on your support requirements and the capabilities of your team. You know your business best, so we’ll work with you to define milestones. Our team can also work with your end users to build and transfer WIRE expertise. 

How is the scope of work determined?

First, we talk to stakeholders and do our homework to specify business requirements. Then, we translate all of that into a technical analysis and a functional design model. Once that’s ready, we can all come to the table and agree on an implementation strategy. This part is crucial. It’s where we define the scope and define expected process benefits. 

How will our team be supported?

Our support team is ready to engage with each client to define ownership of responsibilities, capacity and requirements. Through this process, we’ll mutually decide on the appropriate governance framework, as well as the training and service level that you require. MMS offers your business the inclusive, functional support that you need to transition to new technology and business processes. 

What infrastructure do we need to work with MMS?

We don’t require any specific infrastructure. At MMS, we have tools that can handle whatever data pipelines a client has in place. WIRE is data source agnostic.

Who owns our data?

Your data belongs to you, no question. You decide how your data is leveraged and shared with relevant third parties, if at all. Some of our clients have benefited from sharing their data with consultants. If everyone is in the loop, it makes collaboration so much easier and more effective.

Where is our data hosted?

You can use WIRE in the cloud or on site – whatever works best for your business. The MMS team works with each client to unpack their hosting requirements and find a solution that works. We’ll need to know all about your operational capacity, group policies and ICT requirements. We’ve seen it all, so we’ll help you make the right choice.

What’s your project execution methodology?

One of our strengths is the diversity of skills within MMS. So when it comes to executing projects, we draw on a wide pool of expertise. MMS combines various functions from metallurgy, software development, financial accounting and management. At the end of the day, we’re driven by results, so we maintain stringent stages and deadlines from the beginning. To manage this, we use tools and guidelines from the SCRUM and Kanban frameworks (sometimes called SCRUMBAN) to develop, deliver and sustain complex products. Our approach prioritises collaboration, accountability and iterative progress.


In addition, we use tools from the PRINCE2 framework to assist with governance and project execution workflows.

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