How WIRE Works

Implementation and Training

Once we have agreed on a solution, our team of engineers and developers starts the implementation phase both remotely and from site. 




What WIRE enables - One source of truth

WIRE will create one source of truth and ensure the quality and completeness of data and transparency of the workflows, to automate and reconcile metal accounting data, which enables better monitoring, decision-making and communication.


WIRE enables input validation controls covering limit checks, consistency checks and data completeness checks to improve the quality of information available at all levels of the organisation.  For reconciliation purposes, WIRE incorporates industry best practice methods and tests including nodal discrepancy, statistical mass balance matrices and Mahalanobis distance methods.   

How WIRE interacts within a mineral processing environment

Effectively managing and operating a mineral processing plant relies on a team’s ability to quickly and accurately track, report and act on key operational metrics at all levels of the operation. This mode of operation is difficult to achieve in practice, as data naturally collects in silos and is not effectively disseminated. The impact here is that data is hard to access and reporting is laborious and statistically error-prone.


Integral to the functioning of a mineral processing plant is the accurate collection, reporting and monitoring of operational data pertaining to the interconnected processes involved in extracting metal from ore. 

WIRE’s calculation engine

WIRE’s calculation engine allows authorised users to configure mass balances and other metallurgical calculations to beneficiate raw data into value-adding information with added context and calculations for management reports and operators control.


This allows conversions and calculations to be performed outside of WIRE, ensuring that processed data is also well secured and auditable. In other words, WIRE is a tool for digital transformation and data beneficiation as shown in the following figures.

Metal accounting

Metal Management Solutions (MMS) is a specialist company focussed on delivering metal accounting solutions to the mineral processing industry. We believe a good management reporting system not only promotes cooperation across departments, but also helps to eliminate  any duplication of work among team members. 


Automated reports save employees countless hours of sifting through mounds of paperwork in search for data and results. Employees are more productive because they don't have to spend time gathering the data that management wants, allowing them to tackle other items on their to-do list.

Effective data dissemination enables  employees to troubleshoot and manage their respective areas responsibly with the necessary accountability.