We are hiring!

Open roles:


  • Full stack developer

  • Front end developer

  • DevOps

  • Integrations specialist

  • Scrum master

Role summary:

A software engineer at MMS will be expected to problem solve, be agile and communicate with a dispersed team across various time zones. We are expanding our agile and test driven development environment and are looking for players who can grow with our company.

Software engineers are expected to work closely with the MMS project teams to solve client specific problems and deliver an exceptional solution.

Please submit your CV and cover letter as to why you are a good fit for us to careers@metalmanagementsolutions.com

For those shortlisted, a task will be assigned and a live coding interview will be held and then further interviews with both management and the development team will then be set up.

1. About MMS

MMS is a technology company based in Cape Town consisting of chemical engineers, software developers and accountants with creative problem solving skills. We focus on large data management in processing industries, with our primary focus being the mining industry, currently operating in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the DRC. MMS’s primary service offering is WIRE, which is a SaaS web application.

MMS is a young, dynamic company, founded in 2014 with an exciting company culture driven by our vision to disrupt the industry with our technology solutions. Our company culture rests on four core values which are the pillars of our success thus far. These core values are to be:

  • Dynamic - have an innovative and agile approach. Solve problems

  • Committed - be passionate, have grit, high expectations and play for the team

  • Customer Centric - listen, collaborate, create value and earn trust

  • Real - be authentic, transparent, respectful and act with integrity

MMS’ footprint is constantly evolving and we are grateful to be in a position where amid high pressure from Covid-19 on the global economy, we are able to expand the team. Therefore, we invite all qualifying applicants looking for an opportunity to grow with a young, dynamic company like ourselves on our journey as we further expand our business.

2. WIRE tech stack

Some of the frameworks we leverage in our stack:

  • Flask

  • Angular

  • Docker

  • PostgreSQL

  • SQLAlchemy

  • TimeScaleDB

  • Kubernetes

  • Cloudfront

3. Job description

A software developer/engineer at MMS will deal with a large variety of challenging and exciting problems. These include and are definitely not limited to cloud infrastructure, devops, backend web application problems, front end application problems and specific client related issues as well.

A software engineer at MMS will be expected to problem solve a variety of these areas by means of agile and test driven development. They are also expected to work closely with the MMS team to solve client specific problems.

3.1 Employment Type

There are both full time and part time positions available.

4. Skills & Experience

  • ~ 1 years of work experience or more

  • An understanding of web application development with some experience in a leading framework such as Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js or other frameworks

  • An understanding of web client frameworks such as Angular or React

  • Mathematical proficiency will be advantageous

  • Experience with OOP programming in languages such as Python or Java

  • Understanding of best practices with regards to web applications and OOP

  • Exposure to these libraries or frameworks will be advantageous as well:

  • Pandas

  • Ionic

Working for a young company in the technology space grants a major learning opportunity for any developer to truly showcase their abilities and grow substantially. You will have the opportunity to wear multiple hats in various areas of expertise where you’ll be able to solve a variety of exciting problems with a dynamic team. A positive, growth orientated, problem solving attitude is key to success within our team.

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