Welcome to 2019, fasten your seat belts

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

One of MMS's goals for 2019 is to start communicating better with our community and share some of the insights we are learning on a regular basis. MMS's journey started in 2014 and it has taken our team 4 years to find some kind of product market fit, develop the foundations we need to be confident in our product, grow a competent and ambitious team and know that we are critical to our clients' everyday operations.

Goals for 2019

  1. Build traction in 3 markets and 3 commodities

  2. Clearly build out and execute on our vision

  3. Build the sustainability of our business

  4. Build client pipelines and relationships

MMS is a mining technology company where we build metallurgical accounting solutions that enable mines to operate effectively; improve reporting, minimise downtime and make more product by shortening feedback loops and getting metallurgists back into the plant.

WIRE unites all systems and processes and establishes a single source of verifiable truth.

We enable process teams to analyze and report on data from every sector of their operations, establish more meaningful Key Performance Indicators and track against them to measure performance growth.

We utilise technology to allow metallurgists to effectively manage their operations better.

Please share and follow our blog to stay up to date on our progress as growing company in Cape Town.

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