MMS differentiates itself as a specialist company who provides both consulting services & digital solutions (leveraging WIRE) in the field of metallurgical data science. 

Our goal is to provide reliable data for regular analysis, promoting teams to better understand their site's performance and drive continuous improvement.

The MMS team combines metallurgical engineers, software engineers and accountants who have practical onsite experience in the mining and metallurgy industry. Some of our developers were previously metallurgical engineers. Their experience assists in the practical on-site understanding and ability to build a mining specific product.

MMS works with clients by providing a highly responsive team of experts and technologies which are on your side to enable you to achieve the clarity needed to make better data-driven decisions. We pride ourselves in delivering

  • Expertise – the MMS team is growing and our network of industry experts is extensive, to cover specific client engagement needs. We are headquartered in Cape Town.

  • Experience – the MMS Solutions team has collectively spent over 15 years innovating, researching, developing and implementing metallurgical solutions in Africa.

  • Innovation – MMS delivers innovative product design and execution through our data-driven solutions

  • Impact – Focussed on delivering long-term impact for our partners, MMS offers the agility and ability to rapidly introduce new solutions and evolve in order to maximise performance. We know that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. Feedback is the key to our improvement.

  • Work ethic - We are an ambitious team that has developed an industry-leading metal accounting product suite over the last five years. We value the importance of relationships with our clients, in the delivery of a successful technology solution onsite.

Our impact is that data is that information and the desired context to make a better informed  decision is readily available and the data is able to be investigated with high levels of quality assurance.