Metal accounting and production reporting

WIRE metal accounting is an advanced information management, calculation and reporting framework that can be customised to meet the specific reporting requirements of any metallurgical operation. 

The WIRE metal accounting module has been designed with inherent features aligning with industry standards and best metal accounting practices prescribed by the AMIRA P745 code. 

The following named WIRE features demonstrate this alignment:


  • Multiple user profiles with access control 

  • Full end to end transparency and auditability

  • Business rules and provisional data

  • Automatic data collection and manual inputs with input validation

  • Hourly execution of balances, rules and calculations with aggregations to shifts, days, week, months, quarters and years

  • Data validation with exception reporting and auditable correction methods

  • Standard WIRE reports and customised to the Clients reports

  • Report sign-off and status control

  • Bias detection

  • Solver mass balances and assay adjustment recommendations

  • Inventory calculations and reconciliation

  • Root cause analysis

  • Notifications and comments

  • Document repository 

  • Upload budgets and forecasts for comparison


WIRE incorporates industry best practice for mass balancing and variance propagation to reconcile the most accurate true numbers back to the resource. 


Our impact is that data is that information and the desired context to make a better informed  decision is readily available and the data is able to be investigated with high levels of quality assurance.

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