Our aim in this module of WIRE is to provide a framework to enable the capture of material movements from pit to plant in terms of volume, tonnage, metal moved and the efficiency thereof.

Base outcomes of the WIRE mining module

  • A tool for the everyday mineworker to understand operations better, this includes Pits, Stopes and Benches.

  • A simple, visual application with intuitive imagery to update as transactions occur. 

  • A data agnostic tool able to collect data from various sources in various formats

  • The source of truth for production metrics driving management decisions

Why apply the mining module at your operations?

  • Simple and intuitive system, which is easy to interpret and take action, while tracking accountability 

  • A visual, easy to use system which is able to be used by an unsophisticated workforce, providing insight at a glance. 

  • Production overview as well as detailed production metrics, utilising all available data sources and enabling the capture of new ones

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