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Our brand and how its developing

In 2019, Metal Management Solutions (MMS) is focussed on building momentum; which centers around developing our corporate culture, product offering and client base. As a team, for the first time we are now proactively looking to engage with the industry as we believe our product is now ready to scale, is robust and effectively delivering results. We know we have an industry leading solution which is flexible in the types of sites we can positively influence.

As we facilitate more conversations with prospective clients and channel partners, we are often asked to explain our evolution and branding.

In this post I’d like to take the chance to explain the genesis of our brand and our product WIRE.

Our name: MMS or Metal Management Solutions

When we set out on this journey we intended to have a company name that quickly and simply conveyed broadly the impact we intended to have. Not being brand experts, we decided to choose a name that one was available as a global URL (therefore needed to have the .com extension), would convey that we are a niche business which is focussed, yet would not be too narrow that we exclude how we intend our offering to develop.

Our thinking:

Metal - naming the industry we want to change - metals and mining.

Management - linked to the higher level impact we intend to have, working with management and stakeholders to effect data driven decision making.

Solutions - conveying that we are customer centric and more than just technology, people or systems and are an integrated offering which adds value.

.com - we are ambitious and want to play on a global scale rather than just be focussed on .africa, . co.za or other limited domains. Our roots are in Africa and we are proud of that.

Metallurgical Accounting Systems vs Metal Management Solutions

Metal = where we want to make change

4 years after our inception, we have now developed into a services plus offering where we have the ability to provide both people and technology to site to facilitate change. Our goal is to create shareholder value and to implement sustainable solutions which enable faster feedback loops, improve transparency and essentially minimize losses and maximise profits. In time, we have come to believe that we can facilitate change in the wider processing industry but for now our key focus is still in metals and mining.

Management = we are an active, ongoing service

Effecting change requires various levels of engagement with a client across a number of departments. We primarily engage with business executives, continuous improvement teams, the processing team and the IT department to implement our solution. To us, having management in our name also indicates that we are involved in the execution and long term interaction with a site as a partner. Our solution provides a feedback loop which we can complete via our services offering if required or in partnership with a client by offering strategic input, and both on or off site services.

Solutions = a customer centric offering

We wanted to include an indication of how we intend to work with our customers and we chose the word solution for that to emphasise that we are customer centric and not limited to just technology, people or systems. We are a company that works as a partner which is aligned with our clients end goals, and your success is our success and visa versa. We believe our long term success is closely linked to how well we are able to keep to the philosophy that our approach is linked to the value we can create onsite with the overall thinking being - “what would we recommend and what action would we take if this was our site?”

Our product: WIRE

WIRE stands for Warehousing of Information, Reporting and Execution with the overall metaphor being that a WIRE is malleable, flexible, can be customised to be as long or as short as required and can act as a connector between two distinct parts.

Collins defn of WIRE:

1. A wire is a long thin piece of metal that is used to fasten things or to carry electric current.

2. A wire is a cable which carries power or signals from one place to another.

When we set off on the journey, we wanted to focus on solving how to improve the metallurgical accounting function for mines. Our experience was that we needed to help potential clients move away from a nest of excel spreadsheets that had many engineering hours invested in them. We also felt the current solutions were often under developed, fragile, complicated and didn't have the auditability or transparency embedded in them to deliver the potential value that the function could within an organisation. We believe a customisable, scalable, flexible platform such as WIRE would be the key to effecting the change required and our platform, WIRE was born.

Why engage MMS?

A key pillar of our DNA is that we provide value and a ROI on the investment a client needs to commit to go live with our solution. We have seen the investment being repaid through highlighting risks which could be calamitous for a mine (water balance issues), the benefit of creating more product by improving control philosophy, the benefit or proactively providing downtime and utilisation feedback loops and by optimising reagent, power or other costly inputs.

Our aim is to be a long term partner for our clients, that work with management to implement and manage sustainable change. We know that change isn't easy to execute as many levels of staff are need to be engaged, to see results. Never the less we know we need to be bold and use the power of technology to help centralise decision making, highlight variances and disseminate layered and enriched data to enable better decision making.

A key to our long term success is going to be our ability to offer hard to reach sites, the ability to develop and retain institutional knowledge in a core platform, where data is collated from various sources, cleaned and enriched, with one version of the truth being communicated to users.

The future

Our initial thesis was to develop a company that provided metallurgical accounting technology solutions therefore we settled on what we have today. We know our offering and journey is still going to develop in unexpected ways as we are pulled by our clients to solve new problems. I know more iterations are required to remain relevant and industy leading too and we hope to implement changes based on the constructive criticism we are given. For now though, this is our brand and springboard which we are going to use to shout out to the industry and ensure we get noticed.

Disseminating information as and when required, in the format our users request