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Feeling overwhelmed by the world’s pace of change? Here is the good news for Mining....

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Your answer to the above question probably betrays the degree to which you have embraced the environment of disruption and change that the world is facing. This lead image is not a photograph taken in December on my beach holiday, I just asked a piece of AI, DALL-E 2, to produce it with a one-liner, instantly manifesting my imagination into an image.

We are on the cusp of a new era, both geo-politically and socio-economically, we have the disruption of the energy transition, and the convergence of technologies to leverage artificial intelligence, creating potentially parabolic change.

In Scott Berinato’s seminal article from the Harvard Business Review, That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief, we learn about the anticipatory grief, we may be feeling, that the world has forever changed.

Here is the good news. Its going to be OK, maybe better than OK. It is important that businesses get on board though, and take steps to prepare for a new era and the future of work.

Innovation becomes less risky than business-as-usual in times of uncertainty.

What does this mean for Mining? Adding to these universal change drivers, Mining is facing a talent gap, volatility in commodity pricing, and the need to balance growth with inclusive business models, supporting social and environmental license to operate. Where do you start?

Digitalise, integrate information, get your data in order. All things become possible from there.

If you have created an organised data lake, a single source of truth - your mining business is well positioned to respond to technology-driven change, and to leverage it for your benefit across the board. This will also be key to attracting and retaining talent. Falling into this positive loop is not as difficult as you may think.

At Metal Management Solutions (MMS), this is where we create value for the mining industry, though our IoT software platform, WIRE. We are niche solution and SaaS providers to Mining. Our business model and system architecture is designed around breaking down digital silos, and being flexible, nimble and responsive, and creating performance in mining’s value chain.

Take those steps and talk to us about integrated digitalisation and operational excellence. The business case for taking these steps revolves around more than just the short term benefits to productivity, efficiency and governance. It is about being ready for the future. Initially digital integration may be about creating efficiencies, in material tracking, metal accounting, process optimisation, production reporting, and outbound logistics. All good things that create value for business.

Even more important, is the need to position your business strategically for durable benefits realisation, through the agility to adopt emerging technologies.

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