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Introducing MMS WIRE

Make data talk sense. 

WIRE (Warehousing of Information Reporting & Execution) is a web-based mining software platform that collates pit and plant information to aid real-time decision making and deliver results. Its tailored reporting and analysis tools pull data from multiple sources into a single visualisation, unlocking the benefits of data buried in systems.


WIRE is fully customisable. It integrates huge quantities of metallurgical and production data from legacy systems and processes, so that you can make smart decisions, grow revenue, and reduce cost all while building further operational readiness within your team.

WIRE mining process optimisation softwaer

How our system works


Reasons to use WIRE

A data agnostic tool
One source of truth
A tool to empower the full team
Accountability tracking
Configurable and scalable
Feedback loops for continuous improvement
Easy data uploads and reporting
Self-service reporting

Practical applications


Get granular detail on volume, tonnage and metal moved. Simplify production tracking, stockpile management and reconciliation.


Validate, convert and balance data to aid metal accounting, production monitoring and process optimisation. Reduce financial risk, ensure compliance.


Track and report on inventory movements. Monitor and report on the ageing of products. Assess invoicing requirements and penalty calculations.


WIRE is a protocol agnostic platform that can be configured to meet your ESG tracking and reporting needs, and those of the jurisdictions you operate in.

Benefits of WIRE


We digitise mining and industrial sites to boost productivity while reducing cost. Deploy WIRE to monitor and optimise your operations, expand remote personnel and drive production.

Powerful Data

Operations are integrated and silos of information need to be broken down. WIRE Is an integrated business intelligence tool that empowers you to track and report on cross-functional business processes and environments.

Relevant Reporting To Drive Performance

You need figures, we provide them. WIRE provides easy-to-use accounting and production reporting with robust internal controls. We adhere to industry best practices to deliver in-depth and effective reporting.

Better Insights,
Better Decisions

We help you make clear, better informed decisions. Our insight tools make it easy to layer assumptions, changes, performance and context. WIRE will empower your team.


Long-Term Partnerships for Client-specific Solutions

Our team of cutting-edge experts work alongside your team to implement tailored solutions that meet your evolving needs. We’re on hand to configure and customise our pit-to-profit software solution, WIRE, and will walk the journey with you. Our team aims to be your trusted, integrated partner, regularly on-the-ground at the mine or industrial site to being a quick phone call or email away.

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