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Mining-focused solutions

Our mining-specific software platform, WIRE, captures material movements from pit to plant. You’ll get granular detail on volume, tonnage and metal moved, plus be able to gauge efficiency by instantly comparing the data you capture to the mining plan. The software simplifies production tracking, stockpile management and reconciliation. WIRE integrates with best-of-breed ore tracking technologies, leveraging the best of RFID, scanners and/or telemetry data to reconcile your metal content back to your block model. In short, WIRE empowers you to make informed decisions.

WIRE Mining software

Operational management

Agile production tracking

Pit to product reconciliation



WIRE offers an integrated reporting solution for mining operations, from mine planning to the final point of production, including performance and regulatory compliance management.



Production data in one place

As a single collated data platform, WIRE can be used to provide rapid response, minimise disruptive events and inventory, and consolidate the movement of material.

Ease of use

A visual system that can be used by every team member, from CEO to mine worker, WIRE will give you and your team the insights needed for optimal efficiency and productivity.



System integration

WIRE manages the overlap between mining and processing as well as the requirement for sound evaluation practices to ensure accurate and reputable metal balances.


Let's Work Together

Our solutions cater specifically to meet your mining objectives.

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