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Outbound Logistics Management

WIRE tracks inventory movements from the final point of production to the end of the settlement value chain while reporting on the performance management and regulatory aspects of stock movement. WIRE monitors the ageing of product as it moves across the settlement process and can also take care of invoicing requirements and penalty calculations, as defined by each aspect of the business.

WIRE mining logistics management software

Real time global inventory tracking



Data driven decision making

Tracking and reporting logistics

WIRE is an integrated business solution for tracking and reporting logistics, from the final point of production to the end of the value chain, for performance management and regulatory purposes. 


All logistics in one place

WIRE can be used to minimise unexpected disruptive events and inventory, track warehousing and transport management, and consolidate the movement of materials.

System integration

WIRE helps manage the overlap between processing, packaging and loading of product for transportation and invoicing and penalty calculations.

Visual easy-to-use system

A visual system that can be used by every team member, from CEO to mineworker, WIRE will give you and your team the insights needed to make better decisions at a glance.


Let's Work Together

Our solutions cater specifically to meet your logistics objectives.

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