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Integrated data solutions to simplify your ESG performance reporting

Unlock effortless ESG reporting with WIRE, transforming disparate data into actionable insights for mining companies, ensuring compliance is streamlined and sustainability goals are met with precision.


WIRE is a technology and protocol agnostic platform that can be configured to meet your ESG tracking and reporting needs, and those of the jurisdictions you operate in.


WIRE’s strength lies in its ability to ingest data from any source, and its flexible component model and advanced calculation engine which allows data to be aggregated and disaggregated for different scales of reporting.


MMS have the partners and technological power to solve your monitoring and reporting needs.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management


Key Features

Adaptable & Compliant Solution


WIRE ESG is a flexible and scalable module designed for seamless tracking, managing, and reporting of, for example, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in mining operations, or dynamic water balance modelling. It can be oriented to the international protocols of your choice, ensuring your operations are always compliant, and can be configured to automate tracking and reporting for local regulatory standards or commitments.



Real-Time Data Analytics & Insights


Harness the power of real-time data analytics, predictive insights, and visual dashboards with WIRE. Our advanced analytics tools and calculation engine process and analyze GHG emissions data instantaneously, facilitating informed decision-making to optimize your environmental performance.

Seamless Technology Integration


Integrate cutting-edge technologies including IoT, AI, and data analytics for real-time emissions, water or safety incident monitoring. WIRE’s agnostic platform, and experienced data engineers ensure seamless integration with existing systems, and/or third party environmental systems, offering a comprehensive data integration solution and a single source of truth.



Customization & Scalability

WIRE is built for adaptability, offering no-code, widget-driven interfaces that can be customized to fit specific operational needs and user roles. Its cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure ensures it scales alongside the growth of your mining operations, guaranteeing efficiency and adaptability for the ever-evolving guidance, protocols and regulations.

MMS ESG Services Offering


Let's Work Together

Our solutions cater specifically to meet your sustainability objectives.

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