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Metal Accounting, OEE & Production Reporting

WIRE collates disparate data into a single source. The calculation engine validates, converts and balances to support robust metal accounting, production monitoring and process optimisation. By investing in WIRE, you will reduce financial risk, ensure compliance and improve reporting – all while working within the principles of the AMIRA P754 code.

Mining process optimisation software

Digital transformation

Real time insights

Optimised processes

Metal accounting

Metal accounting is the estimation of saleable metal in a mine and subsequent process streams over a defined time. WIRE is an unbiased information platform that ensures auditable and AMIRA P754 compliant evaluation and material analysis.

Sample preparation


WIRE allows for saleable product sample preparation processes and subsequent analysis and evaluation, including monitoring and managing samples, resources, instruments, equipment, stocks and suppliers.

Operational Management


WIRE’s logsheet, calculation engine, OEE and production reporting, statistical process control and alerting tools support the automation of key operational information for process improvement.

Advanced Analytics


Using WIRE’s dashboards, quick charts, value driver trees and multi-variable solver, you’ll be able to fast-track root cause analysis and trends, giving you a big picture view of reconciliation with calculation transparency



Reconciliation capability


WIRE’s reconciliation capability enables in-depth comparison of a mine’s ability to recover the tonnage, grade and metal content estimated in ore reserves.

Automated data integration


Processing plants necessarily need to ingest, validate and calculate information from a wide variety of sources, including LIMS, weightometers, historians or SCADA systems. WIRE creates a unified data warehouse for  single source of truth, and supports the delivery of the right near real-time information to stakeholders, from operators to executives.


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