".. connected machines will interact, visualize the entire production chain and make decisions autonomously."

- Bernard Marr, Forbes

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Our Clients

Our team specialises in delivering metal accounting solutions. We have developed a reputable track record of working within the copper, cobalt, platinum and gold sectors.  In 2020 WIRE will also be live in industrial applications. 

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Cloud-based Solutions | One source of truth | Better business decisions

Custom Oriented Software Solutions

WIRE is a cloud-based software platform that collects your collect business operation data in a central database, model processes and relationships and reports the truth to you via the WIRE web interface. 

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About MMS

Metal Management Solutions (MMS) is a mining technology company with extensive experience working in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer both technology and metallurgy services to our clients. Our proprietary software solution is called WIRE.

Practical, African 

on-site mining experience

Team of software developers and chemical engineers

Est. 2014

Based in Cape Town

The MMS Team

MMS has a team of in house accountants, software engineers, chemical engineers, process engineers and project managers to ensure projects are delivered on time and with the expected results. We have worked hard to develop a talent pool of committed people helping to deliver great work, with happy clients benefitting from operational efficiency. 


MMS has built a team with immense technical problem-solving skills. Our experienced team is in the process of deploying WIRE technologies into a range of international markets.

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Not in mining?

WIRE is focused on mining operations, but it has evolved to manage any kind of business data.


WIRE can help any size business. From start-up to large corporations, with WIRE offering custom levels of sophistication and instrumentation;  from manual log sheets to multiple system interfaces.

Benefits of WIRE


WIRE provides the right information, in the right format, at the right time, on the required device, to improve operations.

WIRE provides reliable data for regular analysis, promoting teams and metallurgists to better understand their site's performance.

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How we work

Claims of product performance and innovation are futile unless service providers can take their client live quickly, and with confidence.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions which create impact quickly.

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