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Is your mine reaching its true potential?

Today’s mines run on data. Rethink how your data is managed and utilised. WIRE gives you unprecedented operational visibility to make timeous, better-informed decisions that boost productivity and reduce costs.

Our Technology Solution

Harness the power of data with WIRE

WIRE is a world-leading ‘pit to profit’ and ‘mine to metal’ software platform that integrates data from systems and processes into a single trusted source. As an advanced information management, calculation and reporting framework, WIRE can be configured to meet the evolving operations of any mine. 

WIRE pit to profit mining software
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Improve governance 


Radically shift operational performance management.



Use data and reporting for mining process optimisation.



Detect issues fast and capitalise on opportunities.


"WIRE enables end-to-end metal management and operational visibility. Our goal is to visualise performance metrics from pit-to-profit to help teams make better informed decisions"

Who we are

MMS is a specialist consulting firm delivering metal accounting solutions to the mineral processing industry. Trusted by clients all over the globe, we offer both mining data software and metallurgy services. We’re based in Cape Town with a team whose experience and expertise sees us travel anywhere and everywhere, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Kazakhstan.

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Clients and Partners


Let's Work Together

Our solutions cater specifically to meet your mining objectives.

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