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Consulting & Technology Services

MMS’s services develop capability and capacity, manage change, embed operational readiness and sustain operational effi ciency, ensuring smooth and continuous performance in your mining processes.


Change Management

MMS excels in Change Management, expertly guiding mining operations through technological and process transformations, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruption.



MMS off ers comprehensive training programs, tailored to enhance skills and knowledge in mining operations, fostering expertise for improved effi ciency and safety.



Our “HyperCare” commissioning support ensures operational readiness for new technologies, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance from day one.


Operational Support

MMS provides ongoing technical capacity and reliable assistance to optimise mining operations, ensuring continuous improvement and operational excellence, either on site or remotely.

Unite optimisation and compliance.

Understand data and protect revenue.

Move from data capture to analysis.


Let's Work Together

Our solutions cater specifically to meet your technical services objectives.

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