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Cargo witnessing services for outbound logistics

As industry leaders in integrating digital-first solutions, our witnessing services are designed to ensure that every stage of your material transfer is executed with precision, security, and accountability. MMS can drive your sales throughput and reduce losses by providing your logistics and sales operations with the efficiency and controls it needs.

Operational Readiness
  • MMS will resource your in-country needs for witnessing services. Our footprint is international and we have delivered business-critical solutions with high volume material transfers.


Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring

  • Utilising best-of-breed technologies, (eg. RFID, QR coding, and/or scanners), our WIRE platform provides end-to-end visibility of cargo from departure to destination.

  • Real-time updates and alerts keep all stakeholders informed of the cargo status, enhancing transparency and trust.

Digital Verification and Security Checks

  • Every material transfer is digitally signed off by relevant stakeholders, ensuring that all cargo movements meet industry standards.

  • Our system can integrate seamlessly with existing security protocols to verify and record each step of the material dispatch and receipt.

Automated and Process Optimisation

  • WIRE’s robust platform automates the witnessing of cargo loading and unloading, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.

Compliance and Reporting
  • Compliance with international standards is streamlined through digital logs and reporting tools built into the WIRE platform.

  • Customisable reports or alerts provide valuable insights into logistics operations, supporting continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.

Integration with Existing Systems


  • WIRE's flexible architecture allows for easy integration with your existing logistics, ERP, and supply chain management systems.

  • Enhance interoperability and data consistency across all operational tools without the need for extensive modifications.


Let's Work Together

Our solutions cater specifically to meet your logistics objectives.

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