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Distributed Industrial Automation and Control System. Revolutionising mining efficiency and safety with seamless automation and real-time insight.

The mining sector has long grappled with challenges posed by legacy industrial automation systems, which hinder real-time, actionable intelligence and fail to leverage the full potential of modern technologies. Mines face obstacles due to automation technologies that offer limited scalability, lack local critical functions, and suffer from long downtimes due to centralised control vulnerabilities.

MineZone, powered by the revolutionary BASE architecture emerges as a transformative solution, decentralising intelligence, fostering seamless interoperability, enhanced situational awareness, and robust field intelligence.


MineZone is resilient to connectivity issues, power interruptions, and physical obstacles, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity in the challenging underground mining environment.


MineZone has been developed on the BASE industrial automation engine. BASE represents a game-changing departure from traditional automation approaches. It is an agent-based, distributed automation platform that emphasises scalability, OEM interoperability, and seamless integration of humans and machines. BASE's unique architecture allows for self-organising resources, sensors and personnel, enabling real-time situational awareness and decision-making.


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