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Using WIRE to enable digital performance management

Digital performance management is not just a dashboard on a wall which is filled with KPIs. This is the entry level and the most overused way of thinking about the topic.

Digital performance management starts to take place when dashboards are fed by real time accurate data. It changes the management discussion from is the data correct and accurate, to this data is the only source of truth and it has been checked. Now, whats the problem and how do we solve it? WIRE enables real time reporting and problem solving. WIRE 3.0 is going to be launched in the next 4 weeks as we extend and improve our user experience and optimisation modules. One of WIRE’s biggest strengths has always been that we enable immediate problem solving where previously it might have taken hours or days to get answers. To get the right solution for your plant, if you take a human body as an analogy

  • IoT - is the nerve system

  • Sensors - are now able to be linked to your nerves

  • The cloud - is the big brain where intelligence is happening

  • AI - is the small brain

Enable and leverage improved feedback loops and how you think about production. The future is now. Do more with less. Talk to us to request a demo.

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