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News: A time to reflect and be grateful

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

MMS recently held our year end party, a lawn party to soak up the summer vibe in Cape Town, South Africa, where we are headquartered. It was a time to relax and reflect on a year that has been a good and memorable one.

In 2022 we made tracks around the globe, built on various existing relationships and forged new ones with our global client base. We enjoyed exploring new territories and solving problems.

Our people have once again been core to our progress and they have shown the dedication and grit which is needed to flourish in the mining industry. Thank you.

At our year end party we also got to know some of new joiners better, and some hidden musical talents were uncovered!

For team members that couldn't be with us, the chance to connect is around the corner.

2023 holds the promise of being another year of growth for MMS. We're ready!

Wherever you are, we hope you'll be safe this festive season, and have a prosperous 2023.

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