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How we charge for our services

The WIRE platform is usually charged out in the in the following ways:

One off fees:

  1. Implementation

  2. Hypercare (optional)

  3. Training

  4. Project management or services related to strategic initiatives (optional)

Ongoing fees

  1. Service level agreement

  2. Retainer metallurgy services (optional)

For significant projects a detailed site scoping exercise is required to be completed before a formal proposal is able to be issued for both the one off and on going fees associated with operating WIRE onsite.

For us to assess the work required to go live, a site visit or discovery exercise will need to occur where the MMS team accesses the process flow information available on the site, the number of data sources we need to integrate with, the sites complexity (usually linked to the size of operations and commodity being processed) and the timing of the project's implementation. Once this has been assessed, a formal proposal can then be provided.

We believe the right solution is a great start – but good implementation is vital. MMS offers an end-to-end service that integrates your strategy (KPI’s, targets, budgets and forecasts), management’s strategic drives (targeted goals per week, month, quarter) and our technical consulting to customise WIRE for your plant.

We pride ourselves on the consistently high quality of our project delivery. Our skilled technologists take ownership of our clients' requirements from scoping to implementation and ongoing maintenance and support.

Email to book a demo.

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