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What is WIRE?

Updated: Mar 13

WIRE is a technology platform that originated as a technology solution for mining in 2014, and was formally branded WIRE in 2017. It is an IoT platform delivering data-driven solutions to mining, pit to port. WIRE is proprietary technology developed by Metal Management Solutions (MMS), headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

WIRE is our acronym for WAREHOUSING OF INFORMATION, REPORTING AND EXECUTION. WIRE is able to consolidate data from various sources to primarily solve metal accounting and production reporting issues for the mining industry. WIRE keeps governance, accuracy and validity as its guiding principles with statements like the AMIRA P754 code shaping its existence and internal controls. WIRE, later evolved both up and downstream from the processing plant to work effectively with both batch and time series data and has been applied to mining value chains from pit, to port. We aim to provide insights and business analytics to a miner’s end users, be they operators in a control room, or executives in other continents.

MMS are technology service providers to a growing list of high performing mines globally, now operating in 4 continents. Our vision centres around data-driven solutions for the minerals and mining industry. Beyond our technology platform, WIRE, MMS also offer consulting services, with particular strength around mineral processing and metal accounting, where we are considered world-leading solution providers.

MMS don’t build white elephants. We have a proud track record of boots-on-the-ground system design and implementation, with sharp project schedules and prompt go-live delivery, usually in less than 6 months. Our focus on operational readiness, and our support structures through WIRE SaaS agreements create solutions that work for our clients, and we have been able to demonstrate incredible value generation in recent high-output operations.

Unlike common ERP systems, WIRE is completely configurable to a mine, processing facility, or smelter’s specific operational and business model, providing low-code and cost effective business solutions.

The WIRE platform, currently offers 3 main modules;

  • Material Movement module - reporting on a sites production efficiency and ore tracking working from the pit or underground mine to the ROM stockpile,

  • Processing module - our core module (tracking ore from the ROM stockpile through to the finished product, and resolving multi-node mass balance and metal accounting functions, process optimisation and production reporting; and our

Outbound Logistics module (working from product through to settlement). We are also able to leverage our engine to provide statistical insights, alerting and scenario planning to change behaviours and track performance.

As the technology space has lots of copy cats, we thought it would be useful to clarify our proposition, and set it out that we own the brand “WIRE” for the mining and mineral processing industry.

If you would like to find out more about how WIRE can be applied to your organisation, please email:

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