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Empowering Artisanal Miners: MMS Congo SARL and Sud South Explore Innovative Partnership

In mid April, MMS Congo SARL was hosted by Sud South, the appointed managers of the Musompo Trading Centre in the Lualaba province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pictured below from MMS are Serge Mapan (right), Patient Kayembe, Mpoyi Luboya (centre) and Adolph Kleynhans (centre-right) on site at the trading center. The trip was to further scope the proposed partnership with Sud South in delivery of technology solutions to support strong initiatives to transform and professionalize the artisanal and small-scale mining sector in the region and country.

The establishment of the Musompo Trading Centre was a key step towards a strategic plan by the province to make artisanal and small-scale mining meet international standards, in particular safety and women’s and children’s rights, and to ensure artisanal miners are properly compensated. The initiative requires technology solutions to offer certification and transparent traceability of every bag of ore entering or leaving the trading centre.

"We are excited by the model, which drives towards inclusive innovation. The opportunity to leverage our WIRE technology to support agency and inclusivity for local mining communities in the mineral economy is very meaningful for us. We hope this project scales into something that can positively impact the livelihoods of thousands of dependent families in the DRC". Says, Serge Mapan, MMS Congo SARL Director.

Aerial view of the Musompo Trading Centre, courtesy of the Sud South website.

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