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Article: Is your mine digitalised, or digitally siloed?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Yes, mining is on the road to digital transformation. We have read at length about the benefits of doing so, sooner rather than later, especially in our beloved mining sector which lags others on the journey.

But what usually happens when digital technologies are adopted and stacked up in an organisation? Does the data not get locked up in systems? How does your company thread these siloed datasets for insights and cross-functional or inter-departmental flows of information? This can be an especially insidious problem in mining, where material has to move between locations, processes, material states and departments.

As the infographic below from BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) shows, the issue of siloed digitalisation was reported by 85% of mining industry leaders.

For MMS, true digital transformation in mining is about integrating and threading business critical information through the value chain. It is about creating agency across a workforce.

Creating connected mine workers, managers, and executives in one platform. Capturing and centralising business critical data at the source not only speeds up operations, but opens up a world of immediate opportunities for insights and business gains. This is also foundational for the future of work in mining.

Metal Management Solution's WIRE is a proprietary software platform which integrates and centralises data, allowing information to be collated and disseminated across teams, functions and other digital products. This single source of truth provides pit-to-profit insight on how your business is performing.

WIRE empowers our global client base by offering no-code, widget driven customisation of dashboards and reporting. Valuable data, that could otherwise be locked in a system, is accessed and centralised, and participating in calculation engines and solvers. It is being validated against business rules to de-bottleneck process inefficiencies, and rapidly speed up the time and effort of reporting and settlement.

A non-exhaustive display of some of the common mining systems that WIRE integrates with, and/or pulls data from:

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