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MMS seamlessly migrates Kamoa Copper’s IoT operational management system, WIRE

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

We would like to congratulate Megan Watson, the Data Engineering Manager at MMS and the rest of the teams from MMS and Kamoa, for a seamless migration of Kamoa’s operational management system to an improved, onsite data centre.

Megan (pictured in more familiar Sunday exploits) spear-headed the migration, which started in the early hours of Sunday morning 3rd September, and proceeded without a glitch, finishing in a matter of hours and slightly ahead of schedule. This is no mean feat, considering the number of systems integrations that need to be re-routed and tested in a new server environment.

The fact that this migration could occur without a glitch is testament to the professionalism, planning, communication and change management of the teams involved, both from MMS and Kamoa. Migration steps were rigorously planned, documented and communicated, with each stakeholder tasked in support, and all test procedures in place for methodical progression. Planning for success is key when you are dealing with business-critical systems in high production volume environments. To use a cliche, team work made the dream work!

The WIRE system ingests data from multiple sources on a mine to provide operational oversight and reporting on production, OEE, metal accounting, inventory management, logistics and settlement.

While cloud-hosted solutions often offer many advantages over on-premise IoT solutions, the reality of the environment in which mines have to operate, with challenging network stability, geo-political risk or security concerns, we find that some of our clients need their data hosted and managed on site. To this end MMS offers cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions. Our approach to digitalisation is to address the key needs of our clients as partners, and make sure that WIRE solutions are synonymous with both trust and flexibility.

For more information about, WIRE or our service offering at MMS, please contact us at

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