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WIRE’s supporting role in tectonic shifts in global copper production

With the recent confirmation that The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) displaced Peru as the second-biggest copper exporter last year, it was time to reflect on our achievements over the last few years in the region.

At Metal Management Solution (MMS), we are proud that our system (WIRE) is handling a significant proportion of the ramp-up in production and export of copper from the DRC.

WIRE is currently handling the metal management (mineral processing, metal accounting, production reporting, inventory management, outbound logistics and settlement) of circa 450 000 tons of copper annually out of the DRC alone.
By the end of this year, this number will have grown to 550 000 tons. In the next few years, MMS expects WIRE to be managing more than 1 million tons of copper out of the DRC.

We are proud of the role we play in supporting end-to-end efficiency and process optimisation out of a logistically challenging production environment. WIRE also supports powerful traceability of metals, benefitting auditability and security, and contributing to social license for metals out of the DRC.

“The DRC is mineralogically one of the world’s richest nations. It always has been, and will likely remain, an innovation hot-bed for MMS and our product, WIRE” - Serge Mapan, MMS Congo SARL General Manager.

This is a transformative period in DRC’s history and we’re gratified to be role-players.

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